A Buying Guide To Ice Cream Makers

December 14, 2015

Lello 4080 ice cream makerIf you’re planning on buying an ice cream maker, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different aspects of these apparatuses available on the market. With a proper ice cream maker, it is possible to whip up delectable batches of ice cream in half an hour or less. The major advantage with homemade ice cream makers is that they help you benefit from the super-fresh taste that you will never be faced with when indulging in commercial-based ice cream. You can also avoid the numerous chemicals and additives present in store-bought ice cream.

A regular ice cream maker can cost anywhere between $20 to several hundreds of dollars. Consequently, you do have an extended choice of apparatuses to choose from, according to your personal needs, budget and the likes. It is also important to choose best ice cream maker that will meet your requirements in terms of taste and consistency: for example, if you’re the type of person who prefers a lot of addition to their mixture, it is better to go for a machine with a larger sprout since these will help you add virtually just about any extra ingredient you want to the mixture.

Here are a few key points to consider when shopping for your ice cream maker.

Type of ice cream maker

The main types of ice cream makers on the market are:

  • Portable ice cream maker: Often shaped like balls, portable ice cream makers can be tossed, throw or passed around to churn the mixture. They are ideal for picnics, barbeques and the likes. The major advantage with portage ice cream makers is that they’re inexpensive and very compact.
  • Gel canister ice cream makers: These ice cream makers come with canisters that need to be frozen for twelve to twenty-four hours before you can use them. Some ice cream makers even come with two separate canisters that can be used to make different flavors of ice cream.
  • Compressor ice cream makers: These apparatuses come with built-in freezers that completely eliminate the need for any pre-freezing. Consequently, they are far less time consuming to use. These machines allow you to easily make batch after batch of ice cram with no waiting time in between. They also normally come with a fast cooling feature.
  • Hand crank: Hand cranked ice cream makers are ideal for anyone seeking a more vintage feel. These machines normally require a treatment of rock salt and ice. They are equipped with a hand crank to help you manually churn the mixture. They are quite inexpensive compared to the other model.

Other factors to consider

Here are some additional points to consider when buying your ice cream maker:

Price: Your budget is directly related to the type of ice cream machine and features that you will require. If you plan on sporadically using your apparatus, it’s not a bad idea to go for an inexpensive model. On the other hand, users who plan on using the machine on a regular basis should preferably go for a commercially-built machine.

Control buttons and timer: Some higher end ice cream makers even come with a plethora of control buttons that can help you choose anything from the churning time to the type of dessert that you want. You can even go for a machine with a timer designed to automatically stop the churning process once the mixture is ready.

Type of dessert: Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to use an ice cream maker to make other types of desserts. Be sure to evaluate your needs beforehand since some apparatuses can even be used to make gelato. The majority of machines can even be used to make frozen custard, frozen yogurt and even frozen drinks like slushies.