Ice Cream Makers: Special Features To Look Out For

December 12, 2015

ice cream makerWith a proper ice cream maker, it is possible to indulge in a variety of sweet treats such as slushies, frozen yogurt, frozen custard and even alcoholic drinks like margaritas. If you’re planning on buying an ice cream maker, you will be glad to learn that these machines are readily available on the market. They also come in various price ranges with the price tag depending on the set of features that come with the machine. You can choose between several types of ice cream makers on the market. The most popular types of machines are compressor, countertop and hand-crank.

Of course, because of the extensive range of features, making the right choice isn’t always easy. Quite on the contrary, it is advisable to carefully examine the different aspects of your ice cream maker to make a far more educated choice. Users should take into consideration the price, motor, range of features, size and other similar factors in order to make the best possible choice. If you’re ready to splurge a little more, there are some features that you can go for in order to benefit from a hassle-free experience.

LED screen with control buttons

Often present in more advanced ice cream makers, LED screens can help you shuffle through different options. These can be quite handy for users who want to make additional desserts other than plain ice cream: indeed, not all desserts require the same type of churning. Gelato, for instance, needs to be stirred in a different manner than regular ice cream to achieve that distinctively creamy consistency. By this token, selecting the proper option on your machine will ensure that you get the very best results. Some apparatuses also come with touch screens for added comfort an effectiveness.

Oversized sprouts

The overwhelming majority of ice cream machines come with sprouts that you can use to add extra ingredients to your mixture. In fact, most machines can accommodate coconut flakes, chocolate chips, raisins, chopped nuts and the likes. However, there are quite a few ice cream makers that are designed to accommodate far larger ingredients. This is ideal for users who want to want to bring a healthier twist to their ice cream by adding chunks of fruits and other such ingredients.
Built-in freezers

Cheaper ice cream makers often require to be treated with rock salt and ice to keep the mixture to adequate temperature. This, however, can make cleaning up quite complicated and time consuming. If you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning up any leaks afterwards, it is highly recommended to go for machines with built-in freezers. These are especially designed to keep your mixture at freezing point or less. This is also quite a refreshing change from canisters that need to be frozen for twelve to twenty-four hours before use since you will be able to make your ice cream in just twenty to thirty minutes. Ice cream makers with built-in canisters also tend to be far less problematic to clean. On the other hand, they are admittedly more expensive than traditional or hand-cranked ones.

Soft serve & dispensers

While homemade ice creams are undoubtedly delectable, they can have quite a dense albeit creamy texture. However, you can also find commercial-grade apparatuses designed for softer-serve ice cream. These are more expensive but often sport multiple dashers for a more thorough churning process. The majority of machines designed for soft-serve ice cream often come with dispensers as well as cone holders. While these are undoubtedly more expensive, they are also far more versatile and suited to larger groups of people.