Using An Ice Cream Machine

December 10, 2015

ice cream machineIf you don’t feel like going out for an ice cream, you can easily invest in your own ice cream maker and make larger batches of your favorite frozen treat in no time at all. With an ice cream maker, you also have the possibility of personalizing your ice cream by adding your favorite ingredient or substituting anything that you don’t want to have in your mixture. Diabetics or dieters, for example, can easily go for sugar substitute or completely eliminate sugar from their ice cream, which consequently allows you to indulge in as many frozen treats as you want.

More importantly, an ice cream maker will also help you whip up a variety of additional desserts in the likes of frozen yogurt, frozen custard or even sherbet and gelato. Best of all, these handy apparatuses can also be used to whip up a selection of frozen alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as margaritas, slushies and the likes. The most common misconception that beginners have about these apparatuses is that they’re difficult to operate. Quite on the contrary though, ice cream makers can be quite easy to use. In fact, the majority of apparatuses do come with an instruction book that will enable budding users to find their way around.

The ease of use of your machine also depends on the type of apparatus that you decide to go for. While shopping for your apparatus, you might find two main types of machines on the market: electric and hand crank machines. Hand crank ice cream machines demand manual power since you need to constantly turn the handle to activate the dasher and churn your mixture. The majority of manual canister also need to be treated with ice and salt beforehand to ensure that your mixture remains smooth and cold. When shopping for a manual ice cream maker, it is important to look for a padded or textured handle to prevent your fingers from slipping. While these apparatuses can be time consuming, they are mainly suited for smaller batches and will provide you with an old-fashioned feel.

Using an ice cream maker with an electric motor can be far easier to use. With some models, you do need to prepare your mixture and freeze the canister for at least 12 to 24 hours before use. However, you can also find some ice cream makers that can be placed directly into the freezer to keep your mixture at the adequate temperature while it churns. Using these machines are quite easy and straightforward because they do come with a plethora of control buttons to help you find the best functionality for your mixture.

As far as cleaning up is concerned, you will be glad to learn that the washing up is quite straightforward. Some models even come with a dishwasher-safe paddle which once again facilitates the cleaning up process. It is recommended to avoid overfilling the canister during use because your ice cream mixture naturally expands during the churning process.